Verizon FiOS On Demand Netflix
Enjoy new releases the same day as on DVD Wait 4 weeks on most new releases
Guaranteed in stock Wait in another queue until your DVD is available, even after the 4-week waiting period
You have the option to purchase selected titles You aren't offered a purchase to own option
Order on any TV with a set top box. No extra equipment needed You need a gaming console, TiVo, DVR or other device to watch instantly, or a DVD or Blu-ray player to watch discs
No worries about scratched or damaged DVDs You have to wait for a replacement DVD to arrive
Watch on any TV (with a set top box) in your home Watch only on TV's with a connected device (gaming console, DVD player, etc)
Stream new releases on up to 5 devices with Flex View Streaming isn't available on most new releases

Easy to Order and Watch Anywhere

1. On your FiOS remote

Simply select the blue On Demand button on your remote control to browse and select from over 30,000 On Demand titles.

2. On your computer

Stream instantly online or download your movies to Media Manager to watch whenever you prefer. Then browse the On Demand library to order and watch new releases and popular movies.

3. On your smart phone or tablet

The FiOS On Demand app makes it easy to buy, rent and watch movies on the go, now available on Apple devices. Download your free app.


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